Ryan Cobelli

Software Engineer. Entrepreneur. Student.



These are some of my personal projects. To see my professional work, check out my startup Rybel LLC


Project using machine learning algorithms to detect fradulent credit card signatures

Cobelli Deploy

My personal devops script that manages building, testing, and deploying all my projects.


Core X

A health and fitness workout app that walks you through several bodyweight workout routines

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Text Emoticon Keyboard

Place all of those hard to find emoticons in one place as a 3rd party keyboard available for iOS

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Tap Talk

A simplistic approach to the Agent Action Object communication model for people with a disability

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Frame Timer

An app that allows for frame-by-frame video analysis right on the device

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Rush Captain

Manage fraternity rush conversations right from your finger tips

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Runbook Generator

Utility to create and manage runbooks (instruction manuals)

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Command Center

Continuous monitoring tool for cron jobs and system vitals (using Monit)

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Who am I in Class With?

Python script that uses the Canvas LMS API to see if you have any friends in class with you

Grade Graph

Utility uses the Canvas LMS API to create a visual representation of your grade over the course of a semester

Study Split

Utility to split up all the topics for an exam into a daily study plan integrated with Trello

Google Maps Graph

Graph the estimated travel time to reach your destination using the Google Maps API

Are you actually stronger?

Utility that takes in mitigating factors (age, weight, gender, etc.) to calculate an adjusted strenght metric that makes it a fair comparison



Contact Me

The easiest way to contact me is to shoot me an email at ryan.cobelli@gmail.com.